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Chairman's Message

Ravinder Taneja, Chairman, TDI

The real estate market has been central to the urbanization of India and is becoming increasingly critical in making our burgeoning metropolises sustainable. Efficient land use patterns, coherent infrastructure/transportation systems and green buildings will have to be rationalized so that we’re able to continue the creation of community and personal wealth in the 21st century.

TDI is one of India’s luxury Real Estate super brands and is responsible for heralding in a new era of commercial and residential Real Estate development in Delhi-NCR and the other cities in North India.

Considered by industry pundits as one of the fast growing real estate companies in India, we believe that our hard work, foresight, technological edge and the determination to deliver the absolute best to our clients would enable us to usher in a whole new era in real estate construction in the country.

TDI as a company is renowned for its leadership in the development of real estate opulence, property management and brand building. The Group has delivered the highest level of excellence and luxury in residential, office, and retail properties.

Superior Quality, Detail and Perfection are the standards that TDI demands throughout its projects - from residential to retail, from Commercial Spaces to futuristic IT parks. The experience of owning or working in a TDI property and living the TDI lifestyle is unparalleled.

But in the end, we measure our success not just by the success of the buildings we design, but also by measurable progress we are able to make by reducing carbon footprints in the built space, increasing equity and access for residents and ensuring sound economic returns which have become so essential in attracting capital and the right talent to the dynamic cities.